Tribute to Sidra

Sidra Rausch
In Memoriam

Sidra Rausch, playwright and co-founder of Washington Women in Theatre, was a brilliant playwright and musician, writing dozens of plays and musicals, many of them autobiographical. A great, talented, courageous lady, Sidra was devoted to justice and diversity as evidenced in her plays. Besides teaching voice lessons to hundreds of young students, she studied religion. Her beloved husband was the late Howard Rausch. She loved her dear son Jonathan Cohn and her two loving grandchildren Ari and Levi, and her sister Judith Gerberg. She inspired hundreds of actors, playwrights, designers and musicians during her 15 years as co-Artistic Director of Washington Women in Theatre. She will long be remembered as a force of artistic nature.
Plays By Sidra Rausch

  • The City Prince (1987)
  • Timberland (1996)
  • Utopia Parkway (July 2004, copyright 1999)
  • Stella Adler (copyright 2004)
  • Long Beach ’44 (July 2007)
  • Astra (July 2007)
  • How I Became a Bennington Girl (copyright 2008)
  • On the Road to Havana (July 2011, copyright 2010)
  • Uncle Julie (2017, copyright 2016)